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BUS-eum 2 scenes - 2006 | 2007


Getting ready to leave TRACES home in  St. Paul


on tour in Wisconsin

Photo by David Sandell/The Capital Times

Photo by Craig Schreiner/Wisconsin State Journal

Photo by Val Edwards

Madison-area high schoolers watch videos in the BUS (left) and listen to an in-school panel discussion about internment.

Photo by Val Edwards

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin - March, 2006

executive director and BUS curator/driver Michael Luick-Thrams poses with the BUS-eum 2 in Wisconsin's largest city.
 examples of artifacts

on the road 2007

Born in Leverkusen/Germany in 1925, Eberhard Fuhr grew up in Cincinnati/Ohio until his parents, two brothers and he were interned--first in Chicago, then at Camp Crystal City (Texas) and finally at Ellis Island, where they were not released until September 1947, after being threatened repeatedly with deportation after the Second World War ended. A retired business man and a widow, in fall 2006 "Eb" toured with the BUS-eum 2 and spoke to about 1,800 school kids and others at about 20 stops across the Upper Midwest. Here he poses with TRACES Center for History and Culture executive director--and BUS driver--Michael Luick-Thrams.



L-R: Michael Luick-Thrams, Executive Director of TRACES,
Eberhard Fuhr, Carlo Krause and Guenther Greis. All internees.
L-R: Eb Fuhr, Carlo Krause, Guenther Greis and Carlo's son

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