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Each person in your news team will have a particular job. Your group, or the teacher, will assign you a job in your news team.




            The editor is the person in charge of making sure that everyone is doing his/her job.  He/she makes sure that people are researching the right things and staying on task.  The editor is also the person that looks up other websites that the PHOTOGRAPHER, POETS and ARTIST reporters can use in their research.  The editor designs the newsletter.



            The photographer is the person that looks for pictures that can be included in your news teamís newsletter.  Photographers have to make sure that they write down the source of every photograph!  Also the photographer has to write a description of every photograph, which includes the questions:

1)        Why did you choose this photograph?

2)        What is the photograph telling you about POW Camps?

Resources for PHOTOGRAPHERS:

                        Stalag VIIA:  http://www.moosburg.org/info/stalag/bilder.html

Stalag Luft IV:  http://www.stalagluft4.org/



            The poet reporterís job is to find poems written by POW prisoners.  The poet reporter will read the poems and try to get a feel for what life was like as a POW.  The poet reporter must write a description of every poem used in the news article.  In this description these questions should be answered:

1)        Why did you choose this poem?

2)        What does this poem tell you about the life of a POW?

Resources for POET REPORTERS:

                        Barbed Wire and POW Prayer: http://www.axpow.org/stories.htm

Stalag I: http://www.merkki.com/poetry.htm




            The art reporterís job is to look at drawings, paintings, and other artistic creations that POWS have made.  Your job is to figure out why POWS drew, or painted the pictures that they did.  What do you think the reason was behind drawing some pictures.  For every picture, drawing, or art work that you find, you need to answer these three questions:

1)        Why did you choose this picture?

2)        What does this picture tell you about POW life?

3)        Why do you think that this POW drew or painted this picture?

Resources for the ART REPORTERS:

                        Stalag I: http://www.merkki.com/art.htm

                        Cell Art: http://home.comcast.net/~tims_photos2/pow_cell.htm


  Jonathan Alt of Des Moinesí Drake University created this lesson (© March 2004).

It may be reproduced or modified for educational purposes.