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Andres Kurth: TRACES' Research Director

Andres Kurth facilitates a program at Rising City,
Nebraska’s High School, 28 September 2006.
Andres (right) and Michael Luick-Thrams stop a moment to inspect the BUS-eum 2, parked in front of the Rising City High School as a class tours the exhibit inside.


Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details:





Andres Kurth
Warthestraße 13
12051 Berlin
Tel.:  (030) 625 81 04

Education and work experience :



Nov. 2003-
   Nov. 2005

May 2002-2007

Feb. 2000-
   Aug. 2001

Oct. 1999-
   Feb. 2000

Mar. 1998


Jul. 1994-




Nov. 1993-
   Jun. 1994


Jan. 1993-
   Oct. 1993

Dec.  1993


Apr. 1992


Sep. 1991-
  Feb. 1992




Junior teacher (Referendar) in biology and geography at Ulrich-von-Hutten-Gymnasium (high school) in Berlin-Lichten­rade, graduated with State Examination

Working with the TRACES project (with speaking tours across the Midwest)

First State Examination in biology and geography


Treatise about "Hydrophyllaceen"


First State Examination in education sciences and psychology for teachers

Research interests at university:

- Public relations and communication studies, including
   numerous projects, surveys, etc.
- City development and planning in Berlin/Brandenburg
- Environmental studies
- nature excursions with pupils

Assistent teacher at Paul-Natrop-Gymnasium (high school)
in Berlin-Schöneberg


Assistent teacher at Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium (high school)
in Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Intermediate examination (equivalent to B.A.)

Further Education at the Free University of Berlin, biology and geography with an emphasis on Berlin city planning with the aim of becoming a teacher

Guest student abroad in Wolverhampton/Great Britain, ERASMUS-Programme of the European Union; focus on politics and geography

Beginning of studies in history at the Free University of Berlin

Carl-von Ossietzky-Oberschule mit gymnasialer Oberstufe (high school) in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Fichtelgebirge-Elementary School in Berlin-Kreuzberg