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Armita Mukadam: Assistant to the Director at TRACES


Armita Mukadam was born in Iran, migrated to India and then migrated to the United States. With such a diverse background, she has always had a passion for the social sciences and learning more about different cultures and how they interact with one another. She graduates this May from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree, in the concentrations of Psychology, Sociology and Family Social Science. Apart from her schooling, she is also an integral part of TRACES, where she is in charge of grant, office and intern management. With the invaluable experience she is gaining at TRACES, she hopes to pursue a career in grant writing and museum management. Apart from working at TRACES, she is also a receptionist for Edina Realty and Mortgage. In her spare time she loves to travel, teach karate and be a helping hand to her family.




2000 to 2004 - Mounds View High School

2004 to 2009 - University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology, Sociology and Family Social Science).




April 2008 to September 2008 - Project for Pride and Living Internship       

-Tutor and counsel children from low income families in math, reading and science.

-Motivate children to do well in school and stay off the streets by acting as role models.




2002 to 2008 - Dietary Aide at the Saint Anthony Nursing Home.

-Creating diet plans for our residents.

-Working with nurses to meet the dietary needs of our residents.

-Customer Service: greet, welcome, and assist the public.

-Serve food and inquire about the service given by our staff.

-Monitoring and cleanup.


May. 15, 2008 to present - Edina Realty and Mortgage Receptionist

-Schedule appointments (call agents and sellers regarding showings, appraisals, previews, etc.)

-Fax/photocopy documents for our agents and agents from other offices.

-Work with Appointment Center, Prokit, Excel, MS-Word, Outlook, Desktop Publisher and Power point.

-Greet our agents and clients in a professional manner, offer them refreshments and help them with whatever tasks they may need to complete.

-Make reservations, run deliveries, email database duties, spreadsheets and telephone personnel.

-Multimedia tasks: operate projector, attach basic PC parts, laptop setup and basic photography.

-Fix fax machines, copiers, printers and other office equipment.


Jan. 2008 to present - Beginning Computer Tutoring for Mrs. Lue Lampley at the North Regional Library in Hennepin County.

-Teach Basic computer skills (MS-Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Internet Explorer, Desktop Publishing, Outlook, etc.)


Jan. 2009 to present – Executive Director Michael Luick-Thrams’ Assistant at TRACES Museum and History Center.

- Expand our website at www.TRACES.org

-Research, write and edit grants.

-Hire and manage interns and staff.

-Grant management (“follow-up” after a grant's been awarded)

-Call librarians, museum directors and schools to set up showing appointments for our traveling exhibits called Bus-eums.

-Compile data bases (potential exhibit hosts, institutional contacts, etc.

-Make initial or follow-up phone calls to the above-cited.

-Post job and internship postings at various institutions and websites.

-Generate a new, traveling exhibit about what U.S. soldiers found in Nazi camps (see http://traces.org/midwestliberators.html)

-Assist the Executive Director with additional paperwork, phone calls & office duties.


Community Involvement/ Volunteer Work:


Nov. 2002 to Mar. 2003 - Volunteered for Habitat for Humanity

-Served food to homeless people.


Sept. 2003 to Aug. 2006 - Dance teacher and Choreographer for the Gujarati Samaj of the State of Minnesota.

-Choreograph dances for the Indian cultural programs that took place in our community.

-Bring our community together through art, music and dance.


Dec. 2003 to Dec. 2004 - Ramsey County Library

-Assist in Youth Afterschool Programs.

-Reorganized books on the computer according to their ISBN numbers.

-Helped children and adults find materials.


Jan. 2009 to Apr. 2009 – Volunteer Management Assistant for Laura Arne at Perspectives Inc.

-Manage and help develop the data base

-Maintain volunteer files

-Create and develop new and existing special events and recognition for volunteers and the community affairs area.

-Help recruit volunteers for our at risk families.

-Help create our power point for the program and have the ability to take digital pictures and create the power point.

-Run errands to purchase props for some of our programs.


Jan. 1990-present - Karate Instructor at the Professional Karate Studios

-Teach karate to students of all ages.

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