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TRACES' Board of Directors


Ceile Hartleib
Chair of the Board
CeCeile Hartleib is the wife of Terrence Kayser, a former TRACES board member, videographer and community volunteer. "Ceile" graduated from the Atelier LeSueur, School of Fine Art, and works as a professional artist in Saint Paul/MN. Ceile is active in St. Paul's Groveland Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship, as well as several arts organizations, including those organized with St. Paul's frequent "Art Crawl" fairs. A mother of two, with three granddaughters, she was born in Sandusky, Ohio, to German-American parents—her father having been born in Germany, before emigrating to the Midwest as a young boy. In April 1912 his older siblings and parents literally heard screams from the sinking Titanic as the ship his family was aboard—the George Washington—was on the ocean a few hours east of the Titanic; the following day they passed the site of the sunken "unsinkable" steamship.

Sally Campbell is a Quaker singer/songwriter, a personal organizer ("de-cluttering consultant") and an activist for peace, nuclear disarmament, disability rights and the environment. She lives on Manhattan's Upper West Side with her husband, Chuck, and two cats. She retired from the New York Public Library after 35 years as a children's librarian at the Library for the Blind; for two years she acted as president of the library's union. Currently, she serves as the clerk of the Morningside Quaker Meeting, which meets Sundays in the tower of Riverside Church. In 2012 she recorded her 70th birthday party and concert; the resultant CD—called "Giftsongs and Blessings"—is available for free by writing her at scampfriend@earthlink.net. Sally says "I've come to believe that we each will be given whatever help we need from The Friendly Spirit if we will just slow down and listen. It is surprising what one may hear—such as the songs I have been given".
Sally Campbell
Treasurer of the Board

Jo Wold
Secretary of the Board
Jo Wold is a wife, mother, grandmother and friend. She worked at the architectural-engineering firm HGA for 22 years as Manager of Office and Facility Services. Jo was born and raised in North Minneapolis and later graduated from Macalester College, where she earned a degree in Studio Arts. She loves to travel around the country and abroad, and hopes to find the time now in semi-retirement to resume painting in oils and acrylics. She'd also like to return to sculpting; she's promised her family to wear Kevlar gloves at all times.

Featured Volunteers

Pat Schultz

Pat Schultz is a Northcentral Iowa native who grew up on a farm near Clear Lake. With a BA and an MA from the University of Northern Iowa, she taught high school journalism, speech and language arts classes for 32 years—three of her thousands of one-time pupils being Michael Luick-Thrams and his two siblings, David and Debbie—as well as Communications Skills for several years at the local community college. A past member of TRACES' Board of Directors and of the Clear Lake Community School Foundation, she has spent many hours volunteering in schools and at a residential facility for the disabled. She says "My work on the books TRACES published about POWs in Germany in WW II was a high point in my volunteer time with the organization". As a member of the board of directors of the non-profit Wright on the Park, she was directly involved in the restoration of the world's last standing hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright; she authored the text of the recent book WRIGHT AGAIN. Now the Executive Director of Wright on the Park, she also serves as the co-director of the 2013 National Endowment for the Humanities Landmarks of America Workshops for School Teachers, which focuses on using architecture to teach history and culture. She also offers courses at the North Iowa Area Community College's Life-Long Learning Institute.

Phyllis Luick

As a girl, Phyllis Thrams rode with her parents past the front gate of Northcentral Iowa's Camp Algona, where some 10,000 German Prisoners of War were held between 1943-46. After the Second World War her family sponsored Heinz Rattay, who'd been a German POW in California during the war; when he returned to find his native East Prussia no longer part of Germany, he emigrated to Iowa, where he worked on the Thrams' farm for several years and later spent the rest of his life. In 1954 Phyllis married Luwarren "Bud" Luick and farmed with him until 2002, when they sold the Thrams family's 105-year-old Ashlawn Farm--where son Michael Luick-Thrams grew up--between Mason City and Clear Lake/Iowa. Now widowed, she is active in the United Methodist Church, including volunteering with church projects in places like Guatemala, and in other community organizations. Phyllis has traveled widely to "catch up" with Michael while he lived in England, New York, [then] Czechoslovakia, Germany and elsewhere. She recently toured the Pacific Northwest and New England, and remains an avid gardener, reader and walker. She also enjoys watching her four great-grandchildren grow up.

Leighton Siegel, M.D.

Leighton Siegel, a retired physician, is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School with residencies in General Surgery and Otolaryngology at the University of Maryland Hospital, Baltimore , Maryland . He is a Diplomat, American Board of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery and a retired Adjunct Professor, Department of Otolaryngology and Family Practice, University of Minnesota . He is a Past Chief of Staff of Children's Hospital in St. Paul and a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.
           Dr. Siegel was in academic and private practice, primarily in
St. Paul
, Minnesota, for over 35 years. His research pursuits have resulted in the publication of numerous scientific medical articles and a number of chapters in Ear Nose and Throat textbooks. His special talents for computer programming have led to the development of audiometric and hospital software which is in use internationally. His is a skilled web designer and photographer.

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