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Vince Overton: TRACES' Director of Marketing/ Public Relations
Vince Overton was born in Brooklyn/New York, but his family moved to Huntsville/Alabama when he was only two years old. He is the youngest of seven children. From the South back to the North, his family ended up in Cleveland/Ohio, where he attended elementary and middle school. In 1978 Vince earned a place in Edina/Minnesota’s competitive A Better Chance Program (a program for minority students who show academic promise in a disadvantaged educational school system or economic setting). He attended and graduated from Edina West High School before graduating from Coe College in Cedar Rapids/Iowa, with a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a concentration in Business Administration. He has since worked in sales and marketing, and has owned two successful businesses. He has also served on the board of directors of the Edina A Better Chance Foundation as Vice-President of Student Affairs, as well as Resident Director for the Eden Prairie A Better Chance Foundation. Vince joined TRACES staff in January 2009, while concurrently completing a program in massage therapy. He is the father of six children, and has a very active and full life.