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Referrals from past “The Holocaust and the Heartland” participants:

Alissa Abelson of Talmud Torah of Saint Paul Alissa.Abelson@tcjms.org wrote:
I found the course and the museum to be an invaluable tool for teaching social studies to middle-school students and for enriching my own knowledge of history. The connections of World War II to theMidwest offer an immediate connection for students in this part of the country for whom so often history seems too far away to understand. The Scattergood Hostel exhibit brings to life the extraordinary courage of the Quakers and their recognition of the sanctity of human life. Three nights is not enough to absorb everything but it is a class that I highly recommend.
Joe Pahr of Northfield School of Arts and Technologyjpahr@artech.k12.mn.us wrote:
TRACES has an excellent exhibit at the Landmark Center, in St. Paul, about "The Holocaust and the Heartland." The museum exhibits are very well done, very informative and very user-friendly. Even though it is tied to the Holocaust, it is not strictly about the Holocaust. Rather, there is an exhibit about life as an American POW in Germany, about internment camps in the U.S. for German Americans, and about a group of Quakers in Iowa who helped Jewish refugees relocate to America. The executive director is very helpful and eager to have students visit for a very reasonable fee. He can also arrange guides for school groups that visit, and can help find survivors who can speak at schools. The web site, which is also very well constructed and full of information, can be found at www.TRACES.org. I think that anyone, not only history teachers, would be interested in visiting the exhibit.
Elly Becker of Minneapolis Jewish Day Schoolebecker@mjds.net  wrote:
I think the exhibits are the essence and strength of the experience. Growing up Jewish in a post Holocaust world provided me a background to appreciate these treasures. Two or even three sessions is not enough time to assimilate the materials, synthesize newly acquired knowledge and create a meaningful scope and sequence for classroom use. Thank you again for the classes. I will see you again.
Diane Cleveland of Secondary Technical Educaiton ProgramDiane.Cleveland@anoka.k12.mn.us  wrote:
Thank you for the opportunity to learn about TRACES. I found this to be a very rewarding experience. If classes are offered at TRACES in the future I hope to be informed. Thanks again.


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