Jordan Creek Farm



photo courtesy Harvard Gallery

The Weldon family’s Jordan Creek Farm consists of 30 non-set-aside and 70 prairie-restoration acres. Adult daughters Vicki and Patti are launching an aronia berry operation in 2010, in addition to other crops already cultivated. The Weldons have worked their current property since 1992, but previously lived in other rural settings for most of their lives, where they also raised chemical-free crops and sold some of their produce at farmers’ markets. Between the various twelve members of this four-generation family living on-site, the adults have or have had careers in teaching, counseling, social work, health or child care, yoga teaching, art, etc.

Patti Morrow
phone: 712.880.2962

Vicki Weldon
phone: 712.884.2001


Patti's daughter Maggie, left, with "Auntie Vicki" holding her baby, Maxton, in Vicki's Jordan Creek home