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We welcome you and your students to Far from Hitler: The Scattergood Hostel for European Refugees, 1939-43.  To enrich your experience we have prepared activities for elementary students that may be completed before or after viewing the exhibit.

Activity I is an inquiry activity designed to help students develop questions that would prepare them for their visit to the exhibit. 

As a follow-up activity teachers might review the students’ responses in a large group discussion after visiting the exhibit.



This activity will be completed during the visit to Far from Hitler.  Upon entering the exhibit, students will receive a partially completed “journal” which they will fill in with details about life at Scattergood Hostel gleaned from the photographs, artifacts and text panels.

 I.         Students should review a copy of the “journal” entry (below).  They will be looking throughout the exhibition for examples of things they can find to complete the journal entry.

II.        Upon returning to class students will use the information they collect in their journals to write a fictitious letter about life at Scattergood highlighting significant points.




Dear Journal,


Today I woke up at                            .  After breakfast every day everyone gathers for


                                    .   This is a quiet time.  Then it is time for                              .   This


week I have been assigned the job of                                      .  Everyone works until


lunch.  After a time of rest,                                      are held.   Today I have                                    



class and a time of                                    .   After the supper meal, we will have a                             .


Today is                                              birthday.  We will have                                                  and


                                     to eat.  



We have several pets at Scattergood.  My favorite pet is a                                               , 


It’s name is                                        .   I have made a new friend.  Her/His name is


                                                            .  Their family is from                                                . 



Soon school will start.  I will attend school in                                                                    .


I will ride a yellow                                                .  I am excited to meet new friends.



We have been at Scattergood for                                weeks.  My Father is looking for a job. 


Soon he will find work and we will leave Scattergood.  I will miss Scattergood.  My


favorite things about Scattergood are                                                                                          


It is time for bed.  Everyone is always ready for lights out at                                             PM.



Tomorrow I will write about our trip to                                                                         .





designed by Jane Bryant, instructor in the Iowa City School District